Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Water Damage?

If you’re looking for an insurance policy for a new home in Sterling or you recently had a water damage incident and need a way to pay for it, you may be asking yourself, “does homeowner’s insurance cover water damage in a Sterling home?” United Water Restoration Group of Sterling is here to answer that question for you.


What Kinds of Water Damage Does Homeowner’s Insurance Cover?

Many homeowner’s insurance policies only cover water damage for sudden, accidental incidents to your house or your belongings, meaning there are two types of coverage on your policy:


  • Dwelling coverage: This coverage only applies to structural damage done to your home and other attached property, like the garage.
  • Personal property coverage: This coverage only applies to damage to your belongings, like furniture and personal electronics.


Here are some incidents where water damage would be considered sudden and accidental and get covered by insurance:

  • Burst pipes due to weather or other accidents out of your control
  • Accidental appliance leaks
  • Water heater rupturing
  • Weather-related water damage (not flooding)
  • Water damage from extinguishing a fire
  • Mold as a result of water damage


When your homeowner’s insurance does cover these expenses, you likely still have to meet your deductible before your insurance pays. Your insurance may also have coverage limits, depending on how much you pay for your policy.


What Kinds of Water Damage Does Homeowner’s Insurance NOT Cover?

Situations that typical homeowner’s insurance won’t cover include:

  • Burst pipes and other damage due to unresolved maintenance issues
  • Replacing or repairing source of water damage, such as a broken appliance
  • Damage due to flooding
  • Damage from sewer or drain backup


If your standard homeowner’s insurance policy doesn’t cover incidents that happen more frequently in your area, such as weather-related incidents, then you’ll likely be required or recommended to purchase add-on policies for those incidents. Some add-on policies you might consider getting include flood insurance and sewer and drain backup insurance.


Working With Your Insurance to Fix Water Damage

When you work with United Water Restoration Group of Sterling, we can help you answer the question: “Does my insurance cover water damage in Sterling?” Call us at (703) 688-3788 to find out how we can help you make the most of your water damage claim.

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