Crawl Space Mold Remediation in Sterling, Virginia

You’ve likely never stopped to ask yourself that question. After all, there’s never really a reason to enter a crawl space unless you need to. What’s down there? Structural supports, ductwork, every now and then maybe a pesky rodent.    Did you know you may also be dealing with mold in your crawl space? This […]

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Attic Mold Remediation in Sterling, Virginia

When was the last time you were up in your attic? Most people usually only enter their attic space if they are putting something into storage or taking it out of storage. It’s safe to say that you likely only enter your attic a couple of times a year at most.    Perhaps the better […]

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11 Signs of Water Damage to Watch Out For

You can find many different signs of water damage in the Sterling, Virginia area. That’s why the water damage experts at United Water Restoration Group of Sterling want to cover the 11 most common signs you might see in your home or commercial space. 1. Mold Mold can come in many forms, so be on […]

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